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Dr. Luis Maria Bustos-Fernández

Professional activity
  • MD degree from the University of Buenos Aires (1984)
  • Research Fellow in Gastroenterology. New England Medical Center. Boston. USA. With Dr. A. Plaut and Dr. M. Kaplan (1985 –1986).
  • Research at the Boston University Hospital. With Dr. T LaMont.
  • Fellowship in Gastroenterology. Hospital Italiano from Buenos Aires. (1987-1992).
  • School of Graduates in Gastroenterology (Argentine Collage of Gastroenterology) (1987-1989).
  • Research Staff Gastroenterology Institute “Dr Jorge Perez Companc” Buenos Aires. (1987 – 1993).
  • Visitor Motility Unit. Center of Human Nutrition. Sheffield UK with Dr N.W. Read. (1990).
  • Visitor Hypnotherapy Unite from the Wythenshawe Hospital Manchester (UK) with Dr. Peter Whorwell. (2005).
  • Staff member for the Motility Unit. Hospital “Bonorino Udaondo” from (1996-2006).
  • Director of the Institute of Gastroenterology “Dr. Bustos Fernadez” from 1993.
  • President of the Argentine Motility Society (2003-2004).
  • President of the Argentine Gastroenterology Society (2014).
  • President of the Latin American Neurogastroenterology Society (2014-2016).
  • Ex Associated Director of the School of Graduates in Gastroenterology (Argentine Gastroenterological Association) (2002-2003).
  • Member of the Functional Brain-Gut Research Group.
  • Participant in publications, including abstracts, book chapters and full articles in International Journals
  • Participant like speaker in multiple international and national meetings