Water/Wastewater - Make the Fullest Use of Your Water Resources

Water plays a crucial role at plants - it is used in processing, as well for heating and cooling duties. Concerns about the availability, quality and cost of water are driving many plants to pay increasing attention to making the fullest use of their water resources. Panelist will discuss solutions for improving wastewater treatment to enable increased water recycling and decreased discharges.


   Jim Lauria

Jim Lauria is a water technology executive with a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree from Manhattan College. He has over twenty years of global experience as a senior executive in the water treatment industry. Jim is a marketing executive, engineer, writer, blogger and water evangelist. He is a frequent speaker at water industry conferences and has published over fifty technical articles in water trade publications.
   Martin Horan
   Chairman of BioTector Analytical Systems Ltd

Martin founded BioTector Analytical Systems in 1995 and has more than 30 years experience in industrial analysis. Formerly he was a Chief Executive of ISSS, developing analytical equipment for major industries in Europe. As part of his life-long commitment to research and development, Martin and his team created the unique Two-Stage Advanced Oxidation Process, which allows BioTector to succeed where other analyzers can’t survive.


Since 1947, Hach has manufactured and distributed analytical instruments, test kits, and reagents for testing the quality of water and aqueous solutions, with products for lab, process, and field. Products are designed specifically for quality, accuracy, and simplicity, and today are in use around the world.