Product Development: Colorants

Join us for Food Processing's discussion of colorants. Our expert analysts and ingredient professionals will highlight trends in colorants as well as discuss how food processors are using colorants in innovative ways. Our panel will also discuss consumer preferences and their impact on colorants.


Winston A. Boyd, Ph.D.
Vice President & Chief Chemist
Lawrence Foods, Inc.
Chad Ford
Product Manager, Colors
WILD Flavors
Winston Boyd has worked in the food industry for 23 years, holding positions in both technology and business development. His areas of expertise include food ingredient technology with particular emphasis on Natural Food Colorants, formulation technology, and technical business development. Food quality, safety, and regulatory matters are major considerations in all of his work, which has frequently included contributions in analytical methodology, as well as food quality and safety standards and programs. He has spoken frequently at professional meetings and written or contributed to a number of articles for trade publications.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry.
Chad Ford, Product Manager, Colors, has been with WILD for over ten years. His experience at WILD has included beverage development, natural color research & development, natural color application and product management. Chad has extensive expertise is in color formulation, promotion of natural colors, finished product color application, and ingredient technologies. He is also a key member of the WILD team responsible for developing the first Naturally Derived Acid-Stable Blue Color for the U.S. market. Chad has a Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Kentucky.